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Youth Court

These courts are a part of the magistrates’ court and deal with cases for young people 11 to 17 inclusive.

  • If you are under 16 your parent, guardian or social worker must attend the court with you
  • The magistrates, of which there will be at least two, will be trained in youth justice issues, at least one will be a man and one a woman
  • Members of the public are not allowed to enter a youth court while there is a case in progress
  • Newspapers can not reveal the name or identity of the accused
  • If you are convicted of a crime when you are under 18, the court may ask for pre-sentence reports to be made
  • These reports will be made by the Youth Offending Team, who also helps the court decide on the sentence and or punishment most appropriate for you
  • The most appropriate advice to help you if you are going through a court case will be a solicitor
  • Check out the CLIC section on Legal Advice to get further information about solicitors

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