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Court Procedures

There are a number of reasons why you may attend a Law Court:

  • As the person accused of a crime when you will be on trial
  • As a witness in a court case
  • As a juror
  • As a member of the public, when you will be in the public gallery observing the trial

Courts are very formal in their operation and the environment can be intimidating. There are different types of court:

  • Magistrates’ court – these courts hear cases of criminal law, family law, and licensing law as well as other types of less common cases
  • Youth court – these are part of the magistrates’ court. There are further details on the Youth Court page
  • Crown courts – If a criminal case is serious after it has been heard initially in a Magistrates’ court it will sent to be heard in a Crown court
  • County court – these hear cases of civil law

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