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It’s helpful to know what your rights are as a consumer before you part with your money and what to do if goods are faulty.

  • Always keep your receipts when you buy goods as these are proof that you bought the item from a specific shop or trader
  • Ask for a receipt if one is not offered
  • If you buy anything online, make sure you keep details of the order or proof of purchase. Also check their policy on returning goods. If you buy something second-hand from someone, sometimes they state clearly that they don’t accept returns
  • If you buy anything from a newspaper or magazine keep the advertisement and remember it is possible that companies can go bust before you receive your goods
  • If you buy an item that then proves to be faulty then stop using the item and either send or take it back to where you bought it. You should be entitled to a full refund
  • If the trader repairs the item and it turns out to be faulty again you have the right to have your money back
  • If you buy a sale item that states that it is faulty then you won’t be able to get your money back if you report the fault later
  • A guarantee protects you if something goes wrong with a new item and usually details how to make a claim
  • You may be offered an extended warranty (guarantee) but you will have to pay for this, so think about whether it is worth the money

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