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Hostels and Supported Lodgings

If you are homeless, staying at a hostel or a supported lodging may be an option for you.

Hostels and night shelters

  • Although there are hostels and night shelters available to homeless people, they are usually full so getting a bed for the night can be difficult
  • They are usually run by the local authority, charities or housing associations. For a hostel or shelter near you, call Shelter Cymru for free
  • Shelter Cymru do not run their own hostels or nightshelters but can put you in touch with places in your area
  • Some hostels or shelters run waiting lists because the demand is so high. It is a good idea to try and get your name put forward on the waiting list by an agency like Shelter Cymru or the local council to increase your chance of getting a place
  • Some will accept people on the door, but only if they have room for an extra person, and some only help certain groups of people, such as single young people, those with drug or alcohol problems, those with mental health problems or those most in need (been on the street the longest)
  • Night shelters are usually free of charge, but most hostels will ask for payment. Both offer food, although it might be at a charge in a hostel
  • Accommodation standards vary, but night shelters are usually very basic

Supported lodgings

  • Supported lodging schemes put people who need a place to stay in touch with people who have a room to rent out
  • They are usually run by the local authority and can be cheaper than a hostel
  • Some householders will also provide you with meals as part of your rent, which you may be able to pay for from any benefits you are claiming
  • Supported lodgings are a good stop-off before you are ready to move into your own place, but the time you can stay in supported lodgings will vary depending on how long the room is available or how well you get on with the household
  • Staff from the supported lodgings scheme will be in touch with you throughout your stay to help you sort out benefits or any problems and help you find a permanent place to live
  • Not all local authorities have supported lodgings schemes, to find your nearest supported lodgings scheme, contact Shelter Cymru

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