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Being Homeless

Being homeless can be a frightening and lonely experience. Being homeless does not necessarily mean you are sleeping on the streets, it means you have no home.

For example, you could be classed as homeless if you are:

  • Staying with friends or family on a temporary basis
  • Staying at a bed and breakfast temporarily
  • Living in unsuitable or dangerous accommodation
  • Living somewhere where you have no legal right to stay (squatting)

If you are homeless, you must contact your local authority to seek help and advice as soon as possible and get in touch with Shelter Cymru for further support.

  • Try and find somewhere safe to stay. There are hostels and shelters available for the homeless but they are often busy so don't rely on these
  • Try friends and family who might be happy to put a roof over your head or, if you can afford it, stay at a bed and breakfast. Don't be too proud to ask for help. For more advice on finding a place to stay, visit our How to avoid Homelessness section
  • Sleeping rough is extremely dangerous and should be a last resort. See the Sleeping Rough section for advice on staying safe if you find yourself in that situation

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