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Mobile Phone

Your Mobile Phone In An Emergency


  • Phone 999 to receive help from the police, fire or ambulance – try to stay calm and speak clearly when giving the operator the information they ask you for. Almost all modern mobile phones have an ‘emergency’ option which means you can call for help without having to put in a passcode to unlock the phone
  • Many smartphones now have a torch feature, or you can download a free torch app. If you are somewhere dark you can use it – or even the flash on camera features – to light your way or guide those who may be coming to rescue you
  • After calling 999, call family and friends to let them know what is going on, but keep it brief in case the emergency services need to call you back
  • Take photos if it might be able to help the emergency services when they arrive


  • Tweet or put status updates on Facebook about the situation as this could get you in trouble if it becomes a police matter. This can also apply to checking yourself in on Facebook or Foursquare etc which can effect insurance claims
  • Upset other people during the emergency by taking pictures of them on your mobile phone if they don’t want you to
  • Move or change position after you have told the rescue teams where you are, unless you are in danger
  • Keep the line busy in case people are trying to get hold of you

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