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Extreme Weather

Extreme weather could include a heat wave or very cold stormy weather. This can be dangerous for some people, including the elderly or those who have an illness.

Heat Wave

During a heat wave:

  • Use sunscreen factor 15+
  • Drink lots of water and avoid alcohol as it dehydrates you
  • Try and keep out of the sun, or cover up if in it
  • Make sure dogs and children are not left in cars
  • Check on elderly neighbours

Cold Stormy Weather

During cold stormy weather:

  • Listen to the local radio or television for weather reports and emergency information
  • Dress for very cold weather with several layers of loose-fitting, lightweight warm clothing rather than one layer of heavy clothing
  • Check on elderly neighbours

This page has been approved by TV weathergirl extraordinaire, Sian Lloyd: “Looks ok to me!” (via Twitter, October 2013)

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