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Health Services

In the UK everyone has a right to health care, from getting your eyes tested through to a broken leg being mended.

This section covers information and advice about your health rights and accessing a range of health services across Wales, such as doctors, hospitals, dentists and opticians. Here you can find topics such as your rights as a patient, what to do in an emergency and what dental treatment you are entitled to as a young person.

You can also find information on how to become an organ donor so you can make an informed decision whether to join the NHS Organ Donor Register.

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Commented 42 months ago - 15th November 2012 - 19:32pm

I need some advice on my body part below:(help me

National Editor

National Editor

Commented 42 months ago - 22nd November 2012 - 08:28am

Hi emily123,

We don't offer direct advice on health issues, but we would recommend you talk to Meic.

They are the information, advice and support helpline for children and young people in Wales, open 24hrs all year round. Click the link above to contact them by instant message, text, phone or email.

You can also check out CLIConline's sexual health pages here.

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