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The NHS Organ Donor Register

  • A national, confidential list of people who are willing to become donors after their death
  • Putting your name on the NHS Organ Donor Register makes everyone aware of your wishes and makes it easier for them to agree to your donation
  • Organs that can be donated include heart, lungs, pancreas, kidneys, small bowel and liver. Tissues, like corneas, skin, bone and heart valves can also be donated
  • 30% of people on the NHS Organ Donor Register are aged between 16 and 25 when they join. A further 24% are aged between 26 and 35.9% are 65 or over when they join
  • You can become a donor at any age
  • You are more likely to need a transplant than become a donor
  • Register at www.organdonation.nhs.uk

Giving Blood

  • You can donate blood up to three times a year from the age of 17
  • Donated blood can help save the lives of others, including your own family
  • It only takes 10 minutes and doesn’t hurt
  • You may feel a little dizzy or tired but the effects don’t last long
  • The blood you donate is replaced by your own body within days
  • For details of where to donate, please visit the Welsh Blood Service website at www.welsh-blood.org.uk

Other Donations

  • Eggs and sperm can also be donated to help infertile couples to have children
  • Bone marrow can also be donated to help people with conditions like leukemia

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