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Stammering, or stuttering, is when the normal flow of words is disturbed causing speech to be interrupted by repetition of a syllable, a prolonged sound or a complete block on speech. Everyone who stammers does so differently.

There is no known cause of stammering, although physical or emotional stress, home and school life and the person’s environment are thought to have an effect.

People who stammer may avoid certain words or situations that they know will cause them difficulty. Stammering can sometimes run in families.

Stammering can often disappear when singing, whispering or talking as a group.

If you find difficulty in getting your words out, try the following:

  • Try to speak slowly and clearly
  • Breathe deeply and relax before you speak
  • Keep a good posture
  • Make eye contact with the person you’re speaking to
  • You may want to contact a speech therapist who can give you more advice on treating stammers

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