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Skin and Spots

Acne affects about 80% of people, but some more strongly than others. Acne can be anything from a few pimples to severe breakouts on your skin.

Boys are more likely to suffer from acne than girls because they have more of the hormone testosterone, which makes spots worse.

Spots appear most commonly on the face, but they can also appear on the neck, shoulders, back and chest.

All over the skin are lots of glands, which produce natural oils called sebum. Often during puberty, your glands can produce too much sebum, which blocks the pores of your skin. When the pores become blocked, they trap bacteria that leads to spots.

Spots are not a direct result of eating greasy or sugary foods, although a well balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables will improve your skin’s condition and give you a natural ‘glow’.

Drinking lots of water, keeping clean and exercising will also help your skin.

Spots can be treated by using medicated facial washes, cleansers and moisturisers. Witch hazel is very good for getting rid of spots. It’s best to ask a pharmacist for the best treatments for you.

Severe acne affects some people too. You can speak to your doctor who can give you advice and talk about suitable prescription treatments.

Stress can affect your skin and cause spots to appear. If you are stressed, find someone to talk to.

There are also other types of skin markings including burns, birthmarks, scars, disfigurement and skin irritations.

Skin markings can affect people in different ways. If you feel unhappy about a skin marking, try talking to someone you trust.

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