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Speed (Amphetamine)

Speed is an off white to pinkish powder.

Its other names include, Whizz, Billy and Base.

Amphetamine can be a prescription drug and one name for it is Dexamphetamine, which are small white tablets.

Speed can be taken in many different forms, these include being swallowed, sniffed, rubbed onto the gums, mixed in drinks or injected.

The effect of speed is to make the user feel excited and have lots of energy and stops them feeling hungry.

However it also makes the person restless and unable to sleep.

The lasting effect for a couple of days can be to feel depressed and irritable.

Speed can be addictive, the more you take the more likely you are to need more to get the same effect.

Included in the risks are:

  • Using speed affects the heart and is particularly dangerous for anyone with a heart condition or high blood pressure, over dosing with this drug has resulted in death in some cases
  • Other effects include aggression, depression, and being more likely to get sore throats and colds as it affects your immune system
  • Speed users risk damage if they inject into veins as it can lead to gangrene
  • There is also a risk of HIV/Aids, Hepatitis B or C when users share needles
  • Speed can be mixed with other substances such as caffeine and vitamin c and this is another hazard when injecting

Speed is a class B drug so it is illegal to have, give away or sell.

If Speed has been prepared for injection it becomes a class A drug.

Possession of Speed can mean up to 5 years in prison sentence and an unlimited fine, for serious offences up to 14 years in prison.

If police catch you in possession of Speed they will definitely take action, this may also hinder your chances of visiting countries abroad and gaining employment.

Driving a motor vehicle whilst high on Speed is illegal the same as drink driving, you may incur a hefty fine, disqualification from driving and in some circumstances be sent to prison.

Also, allowing other people to take Speed in your house is illegal, police will prosecute the owner of the house.

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