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Mephedrone (MCAT)

Mephedrone, also called ‘meow meow', is a strong stimulant and is associated with a list of drugs that are closely linked to amphetamines, like speed and ecstasy.

This drug is relatively new and not much research is available on its long-term effects.

As it is linked to amphetamines the likely risks of taking it long term would that of similar risks of taking speed or ecstasy.

Mephedrone is a fine white, greyish white or even a yellowish white powder it can differ in colour depending if it’s pure or been mixed with other substances.

Mephedrone is normally snorted in a similar to way as cocaine, it can sometimes be swallowed if wrapped in paper and injected and smoked.

The effects of taking this drug can last up to an hour.

It can make you feel:

  • Excited
  • Happy
  • Overly affectionate towards people you are surrounded by
  • Paranoid
  • Anxious

It can also make your heart rate and circulation increase also make your nervous system go into overdrive, which can cause fits.

In 2011 6 deaths were reported Mephedrone played a significant role in the death of these people.

Reports suggest that the drug is mixed or cut with other substances, so buyers do not know what they are buying from dealers!

Mephedrone is an addictive drug where users will feel the need or crave to use it on a regular basis.

Mephedrone is a class B drug, this means it is illegal to have it, give it away or sell it.

Possession of Mephedrone can mean up to 5 years in prison sentence and for serious offences up to 14 years in prison and an unlimited fine.

If police catch you in possession of Mephedrone they will definitely take action, this may also hinder your chances of visiting countries abroad and gaining employment.

Driving a motor vehicle whilst high on Mephedrone is illegal the same as drink driving, you may incur a hefty fine, disqualification from driving and in some circumstances be sent to prison.

Also, allowing other people to take Mephedrone in your house is illegal, police will prosecute the owner of the house.

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