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Ketamine is a legally produced drug that is used as a general anaesthetic. The illegal form of Ketamine is usually a white powder that is snorted or bought as a tablet.

It is also known as green, K, special K, super K or vitamin K.

Although your body will not become addicted to Ketamine you can become psychologically dependant on it.

Ketamine can cause the user to feel as if their mind and body have been separated and it affects their perceptions. It can be snorted in powder form, but it can also be injected if liquid and swallowed if a tablet.

Included in the risks are:

  • Not feeling any pain so there is a danger of having an injury and not knowing that you have hurt yourself
  • When mixed with other drugs and/or alcohol it can cause high blood pressure and lead to unconsciousness
  • When a large dose is taken the anaesthetic effect can cause the user to die from inhaling vomit
  • Other effects are depression, panic attacks, psychological problems and hallucinating

Ketamine is a Class C drug, this means it's illegal to have it for yourself, give away or sell.

Possession of Ketamine can mean up to 2 years in prison and/or an unlimited fine and for serious offences up to 14 years in prison and an unlimited fine.

If police catch you in possession of Ketamine they will definitely take action, this may also hinder your chances of visiting countries abroad and gaining employment.

Driving a motor vehicle whilst high on Ketamine is illegal the same as drink driving, you may incur a hefty fine, disqualification from driving and in some circumstances be sent to prison.

Also, allowing other people to take Ketamine in your house is illegal, police will prosecute the owner of the house.

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