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GHB is a liquid that has no smell and is usually in capsules or small bottles and it has a slightly salty taste.

It is also known as liquid ecstasy and is the drug linked to date-rape because it is almost tasteless it can be put into someone‘s drink without them knowing, now the drug has been coloured blue so it can be seen.

The effect on the user is to make them feel uninhibited or unrestrained, happy and sensual. As more is taken the user will feel down and sleepy. Over doses can make the user feel sick and disorientated and even cause a fit.

GHB is addictive for the body and the mind.

Included in the risks:

  • GHB can be fatal when mixed with other drugs or alcohol
  • As it is difficult to know the strength of the dose users can lose consciousness

GHB is a Class C drug, this means it is illegal to own and supply to others. Possession of GHB can mean a 2 year prison sentence and unlimited fine and for supplying someone else can mean up to 14 years in prison and an unlimited fine.

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