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Cannabis is probably the most widely used illegal drug in the UK.

It is known by many other names including blow, hash, smoke, weed, wacky backy, spiff, marijuana, skunk and grass.

It has the effect of making people feel chilled out, relaxed, excited, happy and talkative.

For some people it can make them feel sick, depressed, confused, anxious and paranoid.

Included in the risks are:

  • Confusion and short term memory loss
  • It may be more harmful than smoking tobacco
  • Other substances are used to bulk it out e.g boot polish
  • Can make asthma worse
  • Frequent use can affect sperm counts in men and ovulation in women
  • Some research has shown that cannabis users risk developing mental health problems

Cannabis is a Class B drug, this means it is illegal to own, grow and supply to others.

Possession of cannabis can mean up to 5 years in prison sentence and for serious offences up to 14 years in prison and an unlimited fine.

If police catch you in possession of Cannabis they will definitely take action, this may also hinder your chances of visiting countries abroad and gaining employment.

Driving a motor vehicle whilst high on cannabis is illegal the same as drink driving, you may incur a hefty fine, disqualification from driving and in some circumstances be sent to prison.

Also, allowing other people to smoke cannabis in your house is illegal, police will prosecute the owner of the house.

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