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  • We all use forms of transport from cars and buses to planes, trains and boats

  • Most forms of transport use oil-based fuel such as petrol or diesel to run. These fuels release large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which is bad for the environment

  • In Wales, we are using cars more and more. We each travel nearly 4,000 miles a year by car

  • There is a lot of research into alternative ways of powering transport, in particular for cars. Here are some of these options:

    • Liquefied Natural Gas is currently available at some petrol stations and it is quite easy to convert cars to use LNG

    • Hybrid systems where petrol and electricity are combined to run cars

    • Biodiesel is fuel made from vegetable oils and is often mixed with normal diesel

    • Hydrogen fuel cells can be used to fuel cars but more research is needed to bring down costs of storage

  • More efficient vehicles will help to reduce fuel emissions, but because we are making more journeys, it is predicted that overall carbon dioxide emissions will rise

  • Many environmental groups believe that the government should invest more money in public transport so that people don't use their cars as much

  • Greener ways of getting around include walking and cycling. Most of the journeys we make are local and could often be replaced by walking or cycling

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