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  • Pollution is caused by substances such as chemicals or harmful gases being released into the atmosphere, which can be harmful to living things

  • Types of pollution:

    • Air pollution - this can be from smoke, which harms plants and reduces air quality, or from gases like methane from rubbish site and carbon dioxide from cars which increase the greenhouse effect. A gas called sulphur dioxide can mix with clouds and fall as acid rain, which harms forests and crops

    • Water pollution - things like chemicals from farming and factories and sewage can get into the water system and pollute it. This often makes it unsuitable for humans and animals to drink. Oil spills are a devastating form of pollution which kills animals and their habitats

    • Noise pollution - noise can make animal and people stressed and unhappy. Noise pollution is often a problem near airports or busy roads

  • Pollution can have widespread effects. Chemicals dumped in a river for example can end up in the sea many miles away. Polar bears living in the Arctic have been found with traces of chemicals from cleaning products in their bodies

  • One of the biggest problems of pollution is its contribution to global warming and the greenhouse effect. Things we use everyday, such as cars and planes, as well as electricity, produce carbon dioxide which increases greenhouse gases and warms up the earth

  • Pollution does not only have an effect on the environment, it also harms humans. Many children living in areas with high levels of pollution suffer from asthma and if a river or sea is contaminated with chemicals or sewage it is dangerous to swim in it

  • There are national and international restrictions about how much pollution is allowed to be released into the atmosphere, but it is sometimes hard to make sure companies, and even countries, stick by these rules

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