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  • Animals are sometimes transported over long distances when they are alive, so that they can be slaughtered closer to markets making the meat fresher

  • Many people are concerned about the way the animals are treated during transportation

  • Calves are often transported when they are still alive. They are used for veal, which is a very white meat considered a delicacy in some European countries

  • The calves are sometimes kept in very small cages, which stops them from moving even by a few centimetres, and are fed food low in iron so that their meat is very white.These cages are called veal crates and they are banned in Britain

  • From 1996 - 2006 it was illegal to transport live calves out of Britain because of the BSE crisis

  • During this time, male calves not needed for dairy farming were often put down at birth. Live exports of calves resumed when the EU ban on beef exports was lifted in 2006

  • There are concerns that even if animals are treated well in Britain, they may be mistreated when exported abroad

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