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  • There are different kinds of hunting in Britain, the most high-profile of which is fox hunting

  • In a fox hunt, foxhounds (dogs) pick up the scent of a fox and chase it, either until the fox is killed or until the fox 'goes to ground'

  • There are many rituals associated with fox hunting, including the distinctive red jackets some of the huntsmen wear, which are referred to as a 'pink' jacket

  • Anti-hunt protesters argue that hunting with dogs is a violent and unnecessary way to kill a fox in the name of human sport

  • Pro-hunt supporters argue that often no fox is killed and it is the thrill of riding horses that makes hunting enjoyable

  • The way of life that hunting represents is important to some people who live in the country. They believe that people from towns who oppose hunting do not understand this way of life

  • In 2005 the Hunting Bill was passed which made it illegal to hunt with dogs in Britain
    Some hunts have continued, as it is not illegal to chase a fox and kill it by shooting it

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