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  • Before 2000, many people thought that they should be able to enjoy more of the countryside in Wales. There was a growing movement to allow access to more areas of private land

  • This resulted in an Act of Parliament which allowed people to walk over areas of open countryside and explore land away from footpaths

  • The term 'Right to Roam' is often used to describe this increased access, but people cannot walk across any area of private land

  • You are not allowed to walk across people's gardens, across fields of crops, or in some areas protected for conservation reasons. Areas that have been opened up include marsh and heath land and mountains

  • There are also restrictions on the type of thing you can do, for instance riding your bike or horse riding. In most cases, increased access to land is only by foot

  • If you are out in the country it is important to remember the countryside code, which is explained if you follow the link below. It will help you to enjoy the countryside and protect it for other people

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