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Almost every day we seem to be hearing about problems affecting the environment: global warming or climate change, the destruction of natural habitats, the decline and extinction of animals and plants, pollution, drought and famine.

Many of us are very worried about the future of our planet and every one of us, whatever age we are, can do something to help slow down and reverse some of the damage.

To begin, it’s good to start taking responsibility in finding out how we can help save the environment and its resources.

This section will give you an introduction to the different issues affecting our environment and how you can get involved if you want to help protect the world we live in.

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Commented 62 months ago - 31st March 2011 - 16:46pm

i think we should be doing all we can to protect our environment and care for our wildlife . i`m environment officer in our uni student union and am doing all i can to help our uni -wolverhampton uni , to be as environmentally friendly as possible . i`m running for re-election next week for next year so hope to do more if successful. planet earth is our home , the only one we have so lets care for it . as the recent disaster in japan has shown i think that nuclear power is too deadly . it may be clean energy but it is so hazardous and getting rid of waste and nuclear rods is difficult , its so sad about japan ,the quake and tsunami but this nuclear disaster could be worse for all on earth . some fallout has reacjhed scotland and oxfordshire --surely we dont want to experience another chernobyl which was 25 yearts ago . the effects of this disaster is still around . say no to nuclear power!



Commented 61 months ago - 9th May 2011 - 14:55pm

hi about a month ago i mentioned i was running for re-election as environment officer at my uni --wolverhampton uni . well , i got in again for next year and am already thinking about what to campaign on and to improve our uni`s green status. are there any other students at other unis who are environment officers etc with whom we could exchange ideas etc . i know PEOPLE AND PLANET are a great organisation to help with green issues at uni. check them out on google.



Commented 60 months ago - 31st May 2011 - 17:21pm

i would love to be able to write an environmental article on a regular basis on the website . it would give me some valuable practise for my uni degree in creative and professional writing and english as well as writing about environmental issues ,

Dan (Sub-Editor)

Dan (Sub-Editor)

Commented 60 months ago - 1st June 2011 - 00:45am

Do it. :)



Commented 47 months ago - 4th July 2012 - 21:15pm

its been a while since i last left a comment but i think if we all worked together we can make our planet a better place to live for all people and wildlife . there are many organisations to get involved in such as friends of the earth, greenpeace, CND , RSPB ,Wildlife Trusts and more and all are working to protect our environment for the better. check them out and see what you can do help .



Commented 45 months ago - 14th August 2012 - 19:05pm

We have an environmental group in the Merthyr Tydfil borough wide youth forum (MTBWYF). It's. Really good place to start if people want to get involved and to tidy up their town. We love doing things like the Taff Tidy which has kind of become an annual event and we're always looking for new ideas to promote being environmentally friendly. Even if it's things like challenging fast food chains to recycle or cut down on waste.
It would be great to hear what kinds of things you're doing in uni so that we can share ideas!
If you want to get involved, sign up to MTBWYF!
Ps, I did a English/creative writing degree ... It was great fun! Hope you're enjoying it!

The Seawolf

Commented 18 months ago - 18th November 2014 - 13:00pm

The natural enviroment is a precious thing to have, if it goes away it will not come back, therefore we should protect it with all our available resources.

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