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  • Renewable energy is a way of producing power from energy sources that will not run out. These include:

    • Wind - windmills can be used to capture the energy of the wind

    • Water - there are several ways of getting energy from water. One is from hydroelectricity, where power is harnessed from fast-moving water. Wave power from the sea and the movement of tides can also be used to produce power

    • Sun - the sun's light can be converted into energy by solar cells, which are often found on calculators. Solar panels are used to heat water and save on fuel costs from conventional heating methods

  • Apart from the cost and maintenance of equipment, there are no more costs involved in renewable energy, unlike conventional methods where expensive fuels like oil are used

  • A drawback of renewable energy is its forms are often not as reliable as traditional methods. If there is no wind, or not enough sun, no energy is produced. However technological advances mean that this problem is being addressed

  • It is very important we investigate forms of renewable energy as the fossil fuels we rely on at the moment will one day run out

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