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  • It is very important that you never light a fire in forest or woodland - forest fires can spread without warning, especially during the summer months

  • Fires sometimes result from natural causes like lightening, but many more are started by human error

  • Forest fires play a natural role in rejuvenation in some areas of the world and are an important balance in some ecosystems

  • Forest fires can have a devastating effect when they come too close to areas inhabited by people. Houses and businesses - even whole towns - can be wiped out

  • Fires also affect animals living in forest. Many are caught in the blaze as they climb trees to escape the flames, and others find their food sources have disappeared

  • In Australia and North America forest fires are common and cause huge devastation to towns and settlements nearby

  • Forest fires are less common in Wales, but they do still occur. It is important to be careful with matches or any naked flame when in wooded areas

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