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  • The effects of floods can be highly dangerous. Never put yourself in a dangerous situation near a flood

  • Floods occur after periods of heavy rain when the land's natural drainage system can no longer cope. Rivers break their banks and water can reach homes and businesses, often causing damage

  • Six inches of fast flowing water will knock you off your feet, four inches of water will ruin your carpet, and two feet of water will float your car

  • Many experts believe that as climate changes affect rainfall flooding will increase in the future. Major floods that have previously only happened every 100 years may now occur every ten or 25 years

  • Wales has been affected by floods in recent years, with many of them hitting the headlines. In 2000 widespread flooding across England and Wales led to over 10,000 properties being flooded

  • Sandbags can prevent extensive damage occurring to your home. In 2000 they protected more than 37,000 homes from being flooded

  • Five million people in Wales and England are at risk of flooding every year - new homes built on floodplains of rivers, or along the coast are particularly vulnerable

  • If you think your house may be at risk of flooding there are steps you can take to prepare - check the Environment Agency's website, or call the Floodline to get information about flood risks

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