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Personal Qualities

Your personal qualities are what make you different from other people. They make up your unique personality and make you the person you are.

Everyone has a different set of personal qualities.

  • Personal qualities are important in your everyday life and relationships with other people
  • Examples of personal qualities include: friendly, determined, creative, sense of humour, ambitious, enthusiastic, helpful, considerate, punctual, thoughtful, easy going, honest, reliable, adaptable, neat, organised, hard working, energetic, polite, tactful, patient, adventurous, easy-going and responsible
  • >You need to have shown that quality more than once before you can say that you have that quality
  • Personal qualities are often thought about as being the way a person naturally is, but it is possible to improve certain personal qualities with practice and experience. For example it is possible to learn how to become more patient, more organised or more punctual
  • Employers can value peoples personal qualities just as much as practical skills, such as your communication skills, ability to work as part of a team, to be able to listen and following instructions and to be able to show initiative when necessary

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