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Education, Employment & Training

Every day you learn something new, your education starts from the moment you are born and carries on for the rest of your life.

Education is important in learning the basic skills in life, finding a job and accessing a whole range of opportunities.

Most people relate education to being in school - this is full-time compulsory education by law for all children and young people aged between 5 and 16 years old.

After Year 11 you have to make some decisions about your future about whether you want to stay in school, go to college or get a job. Starting a college course, training or finding a job can seem like a daunting task, leaving your classmates and friends and the routines you have been used to for years but there is plenty of help and advice available to help you make your decisions.

At 16 years of age you can choose to continue to study for a further two years in sixth form or a local college studying A-levels or other qualifications.

If you’re keen to start work straight away, you might be tempted to take a job where training isn’t provided but this might not be the best option as training and qualifications help you to get ahead in life and move up the career ladder. There are also ways you can learn and train as you work with many employers offering this as an option through NVQ's and apprenticeships. Before you accept a job, find out what training they will offer you including any qualifications you can study for and how you can progress in the company.

Make sure that you will be paid at least the National Minimum Wage (NEW) for your age group, this is an hourly rate of pay that you will be entitled to by law in the UK that is reviewed every year.

Throughout your life you might change jobs a number of times, go on to study different courses and access higher education. It is never too late to start learning something new and developing your skills, adding to your knowledge and qualifications.

This section tells you about your options with your education and offers advice and tips on accessing employment and training.

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Commented 75 months ago - 17th March 2010 - 14:01pm

i hate skwl xx


Commented 75 months ago - 19th March 2010 - 09:26am

i only like school because we have a laugh in there but other than that i absolouley h8 it xx


Commented 67 months ago - 21st October 2010 - 18:16pm

I LOVE SCHOOL!! You get to see all your friends and learn important things for when you get older and get a career(: I always have a laugh in school and even when times get tough eg. getting in trouble with teachers(; you always have your friends to make a complete joke out of it -


Commented 58 months ago - 21st July 2011 - 20:57pm

As much as school is boring your education can set you up for your future!!!!!!


Commented 52 months ago - 27th January 2012 - 16:10pm

i know school is good for you but i dont like it... becouse i get bullied and people make fun of me. :'(

National Editor

National Editor

Commented 52 months ago - 31st January 2012 - 15:38pm

Sorry to hear that damianibbs - have you checked out our Bullying Page?

You can also talk to Meic in confidence about bullying - they are ready to listen and support you, all day every day.


Commented 51 months ago - 8th February 2012 - 20:54pm

i have a laugh in skwl but don't wen my teachers strict hate it, it's like the victorian times ! i only like break time, lunchtime and the best of all HOME TIME !

Taine Evans

Commented 37 months ago - 2nd May 2013 - 21:29pm

Yo school is fine it will make us who we are it will take us far in life so don't think it is rubbish you always learn something new every day trust me on this one


Commented 36 months ago - 13th May 2013 - 21:33pm

I like school sometimes it depends what day it is and if I can be bothered going,But most of people in schools dislike me Idk why but it upsets me quite a bit,Hopefully it will get better for me soon! :)


Commented 15 months ago - 6th February 2015 - 09:15am

i like school most of the time but i just dont like some of the teachers and pupils but i love to learn

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