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Higher Education

Higher education means much more than just studying for a degree, it’s a chance to meet new people, learn to be independent and take advantage of a huge range of new opportunities.

Getting a degree will not automatically mean that you will get a well paid job but research has shown that graduates have lower unemployment rates and earn more on average than those with lower qualifications.

Graduates also tend to progress up the career ladder more quickly, so it would seem that going to university is a good idea in terms of your future career prospects.

It is also true that there are opportunities to get ahead even if you haven‘t been to university, by training on the job.

If you are thinking of applying to University you will need to consider which subject or combination of subjects you would like to study and where you would like to study. Research and look into different Universities as much as you can before making your decision.

There’s a huge range of subjects on offer to study at University, from the more traditional subjects such as English, Maths and Science to the more unusual such as golf studies and puppetry!

Higher education is a very different experience to school or college education, a lot more is expected from you. Your tutors will provide guidance but you are responsible for your attendance, your own learning and managing your time.

You will also need to think about how you will pay for your studies and if you want to live away from home whilst you study. Depending on your circumstances, most people are entitled to apply for financial support to help them pay for their studies.

This section can give you advice on how to prepare for University and give you information on applying, interviews and studying abroad.

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