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Where to Look for a Job

JobCentre/JobCentre Plus

  • Anyone can call at their local JobCentre to look at the vacancies advertised.
  • Registering at your local JobCentre is necessary if you want to claim benefits (people under 18 are not usually entitled to claim benefits).
  • JobCentre vacancies can be viewed online at: Direct Gov

Recruitment Agencies

  • Also known as Employment or Temp Agencies, firms contact them to advertise their vacancies and look for suitable people to fill them on their behalf.
  • Often these agencies specialise in recruitment for certain types of work e.g. office work, construction, factory work, retail and distribution, nannies and au pairs, agriculture and seasonal work.
  • Vacancies are often temporary but can sometimes lead to permanent positions.
  • You can register with an agency giving them all your relevant details of skills, experience and qualifications and they will then put you in touch with firms if suitable vacancies arise.
  • Look in Yellow Pages or on www.yell.com for agencies in your area.
  • Many jobs on the Internet are advertised by recruitment agencies (see below).

The Internet

  • Looking for job vacancies online is quite common.
  • Many firms now place job ads on their own websites - but its not always obvious that there are vacancies on these sites so it's worth checking out the Personnel, Corporate/Company Info or About Us sections on them.
  • Other websites will feature ads with recruitment agencies (see above).
  • For a list of useful recruitment sites visit Careerswales.com

Careers Wales

  • Careers Wales run a vacancy service for young people aged 16-19.
  • They can help you match yourself to suitable vacancies in your area.
  • Vacancies are displayed in their Careers Centres and Careers Shops.
  • They should also be your first port of call for training vacancies such as apprenticeships.
  • Vacancies are also listed on Careerswales.com


  • Many firms use newspaper ads when they recruit.
  • You'll find ads in national and local papers.
  • Most papers have certain days for recruitment ads and some have certain days for certain types of job. Its worth having a look at different newspapers to get an idea of what type of ads they tend to have - do they carry ads that would interest you?
  • If you want to avoid buying them - go to your local library, they usually have a selection of papers which you can look at for free.
  • You could also try looking on newspaper websites.
  • Remember national newspapers e.g. The Times, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph will carry job ads for the whole of the UK whereas your local paper will usually carry ads for local jobs e.g. South Wales Argus, South Wales Echo, Free Press, Daily Post and The Western Mail carries job ads for the whole of Wales.


  • Some magazines carry job adverts.
  • These are usually jobs related to the subject of the magazine e.g. Big Issue - community and charity jobs; Farmers Weekly - jobs in agriculture; Horse and Hound - jobs with horses and funnily enough also some jobs for Nannies; Nursery World and The Lady - jobs for Nannies and Nursery Nurses; Travel magazines - jobs in tourism; Young People Now - Youth Work.

Shop windows/notice boards

  • As the cost of advertising is high businesses sometimes place adverts in windows and on notice boards.
  • Shops, supermarkets, pubs, hairdressers etc. often do this. So keep your eyes open.
  • Its also worth checking the window in your local newsagents for ads.

Word of mouth and cold calling

  • Some jobs are never advertised.
  • Talk to people working in jobs that interest you and ask them to let you know if there are any jobs going.
  • Be bold and write a letter enclosing a CV and send it a place that you would like to work.
  • Alternatively, go there in person and take your CV to them.

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