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An interview is a potential employers chance to meet you in person and find out what you're like. Although an application form or CV can tell someone a lot about you, meeting you will decide whether or not you are successful in getting the job.

An interview also gives you a chance to find out more about the job.

Most people feel nervous at the thought of an interview but preparation can help you overcome this.


  • Think about the job you've applied for - what makes you right for it?
  • How can you link your skills, experience and qualifications to that particular job
  • Try and find out about the company - read any company info you can get hold of, look on their website if they have one
  • Try to get plenty of sleep the night before - yawning in an interview is not good!
  • If you received an employee specification with the application form you completed, use that as a guide to try to work out what they will be looking for from you. Think of questions they may ask you and what answers you would give
  • Read through your application and or CV before you go in and be prepared to answer questions about anything on it
  • Have some questions ready to ask at the interview as it shows that you've thought about the job and what it involves
  • Think well in advance about what you are going to wear and get everything ready the day before
  • Plan your journey so you arrive in plenty of time
  • If you are unavoidably delayed - telephone and let them know
  • Turn off your mobile before you go in
  • If you smoke, try not to before you go to your interview. The smell can be off-putting to people.


  • Smile, maintain eye contact and try and be confident - but not cocky
  • Don't chew gum
  • Be yourself and try to appear friendly and relaxed
  • Try to look interested, even if you aren't!
  • Speak clearly and avoid simple 'yes'and 'no' answers, the reason you are being asked questions is because they want to find out more about you
  • Think before you answer
  • You might actually enjoy it!


  • Remember, the moment you leave there's nothing else you can do until they contact you
  • It is common practice for potential employers to let you know within a few days whether or not you have been successful either in writing or by telephone call
  • It's a waiting game and you just have to sit it out
  • If you are not successful, remember being rejected is part of life and nothing to beat yourself up about and try to learn from the experience. Being turned down doesn't mean you're no good
  • When you feel up to it contact them for feedback, they might be able to give you pointers on how to improve your interview skills next time

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