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Getting a Job

Looking for a job and getting a job can be difficult and you might have to apply to a number of employers before you are successful. Firstly you need to decide on what type of job you want, where you can get training and what hours you can work.

There are many different working environments and hours of work available. Some jobs may be office based, others might involve working in an industrial setting like a factory or workshop and some will involve working outside.

The hours you work depend on the job that you do, some are daytime, some evening and some involve working different shifts. Some employers offer flexible working hours, which means you can start and finish at different times of the day. You have the right to ask for flexible working hours, especially if you have children to look after.

It is important to show potential employers that you are the best person for the job, so if you have skills, qualifications and training they need to know this. Many employers will offer on the job training and qualifications, some may also pay for you to attend a course.

Many employers value good communication skills, the ability to work as part of a team and showing initiative as key qualities that they look for in their employees.

To apply for a job, most employers have application forms that they will ask you to complete or will ask you for a CV. Application forms ask for details of your education, work experience and what skills you possess. A CV is very similar, but is something that you produce instead of an application form. Its a good idea to produce a CV anyway, making sure it is well organised, easy to understand, and free from any spelling or grammar mistakes.

In this section you will find advice on finding jobs, how to organise your CV and how to impress at interviews.

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