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Submitting events - FAQs

What is the Events Calendar for?

It's for you to a) find out about what's on in and around Wales, including specific details and links, and b) publicise an event, workshop, gig, show, concert, charity carwash or anything you're involved in or know about. Is your school or youth club

How do I submit an event?

On the events page there is a box on the left there is a box marked 'BE INVOLVED'. Under there you can select 'Submit Event' which will take you through a simple process that asks for the regularity of the event (one-off, weekly etc) followed by specific details such as what, when, where, how much and age restrictions.

What happens then?

A member of the editorial team will check it, add anything they think is missing and post it live on the Events Calendar. Allow 24 hours for your event to appear live.

What if I have a problem uploading?

For help with submitting an event, submit a support ticket

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