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Sprout Awards

Sprout Awards Poster 2013

Before we get on to the results, we'd like to say a massive thank you to everyone who came to TheSprout Awards 2013!

We'd also like to thank the acts (Ellie Makes Music, Luke Smith, Sam Lloyd, Ludus Ludius and the greatest karaoke band Cardiff has ever seen), the hosts Sydney and James, Atlantic Coffee for letting us borrow their chairs, somewhereto_re:store Cardiff for the space, ProMo-Cymru and all the amazing Sprouters out there.

Sorry if we've missed anyone out and sorry about the lack of air con, phew that was hot... pictures coming soon.


Best Review

3rd - Review: Matthew's Passion @ Sherman Cymru - DJFMITV

2nd - Frozen Goods: Bioshock Infinite - Jeff the Fridge

1st - Review: The Rocky Horror Show @ New Theatre - Weeping Tudor


Best Newcomer

3rd - MediaManiac

2nd - Weeping Tudor

1st - twilightcrazedxxx


Most Useful Article

3rd - Gender Roles In Sweden - MarshMallo

2nd - Apocalypse Survival Guide - DragonKing21

1st - Pressure To Be Perfect - Soci3tysucks


Best Creative Article

3rd - Are You Lost Yet? - Tom_Bevan

2nd - Earth's Last Day Series � twilightcrazedxxx

1st - Comic Expo: Visual Review � Snoo


Funniest Article Of The Year

3rd - Review: Piranha 3DD - Teaisprettyawesome

2nd - Cosmo Can't Cook - AddictedToDrPepper1

1st - That Awkward Moment When... - ScreenMunched


Most Involved

3rd - Snoo

2nd - Weeping Tudor

1st - curlygirl


Lord Of The Comments

3rd - Stormer007

2nd - b00kw0rm99

1st - CR3ATIV3


Video Of The Year

3rd - Three Willows Claymations

2nd - Video: Autism In Popular Culture - DJFMITV

1st - Wreckage Of Dreams - Weeping Tudor


Silliest Article Of The Year

3rd - Awaiting Anything - LudusLudius

2nd - How To Tidy Your Room - DragonKing21

1st - How To Make A Cup Of Tea (from Bishop Bips) - blonde 9


Most Read

3rd - Review: AO - The Last Hunter - Jeff the Fridge

2nd - Petition: Amina Tyler - AddictedToDrPepper1

1st - Review: Ben & Jerry's Core - hisgirl210410


Discussion Starter (Most Comments)

Joint 2nd - One Direction Or Justin Bieber? - fatfatamy 

Joint 2nd - I'm A Boy, Not An It - AddictedToDrPepper1

1st - Closing The Train Doors - Elite assassin1


Reader's Choice

3rd - Sexism In Youth Culture - undertheinfluence

2nd - A Slice Of The Big Apple - VictoriaSian

1st - One Year Transition Update - AddictedToDrPepper1


Best Sprouter

3rd - Snoo

2nd - Tom_Bevan

1st - Weeping Tudor


Events � September 2013's Sprout Editorial Group Meeting

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