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What is theSprout?

TheSprout is an interactive website that encourages creativity and direct involvement while providing information on activities and services available to every single one of you, the good young people of Cardiff.

The site operates within your Ten Entitlements (the rights of young people as set out by the Welsh Assembly Government) and is in line with the European Youth Information Charter.

It has been live since October 2007, with our official launch taking place in November 2008 (when we were proud to be the first people to put the Lord Mayor onstage at Clwb Ifor Bach).

In November 2009, theSprout integrated with CLIC, the National Information And Advice Service for young people in Wales. This integration means that theSprout website will continue to be the local website for young people in Cardiff to access information on services and activities, but will also include a variety of national features. Such an integration has enabled young people’s local information websites to be linked, to share best practice and information resources.

The integration with CLIC have resulted in additions such as; access to the information index, ‘Info’, (currently being reviewed and re-written by young people and professionals), social networking and RSS feeds, using media players and Youtube to enhance content of theSprout, ability to showcase young peoples articles on the national website and across other counties if relevant to all young people in Wales, bilingual elements. In development are; the low graphics version, and integrating theSprout to use screen reading devices.

The numbers of registered users increase dramatically every month, mostly (we reckon) because it gives you the opportunity to upload your own content and see it live.

An Editorial Group aged between 11-25 meets monthly and are responsible for writing, reporting, photographing, designing, promoting and anything else they feel should be included. They also make decisions on content and technical changes.

If you are interested in joining the group or attending one of the meetings (which are held at Central Library and feature a different biscuit as voted for in advance each month), please contact the Editor, Sam: sam@theSprout.co.uk or the Sub-Editor, Tom: tom@theSprout.co.uk.

What is the ‘Organisations’ function?

The organisations function, ‘Organisations’, tells you the name, address, telephone number, web address, email and description of services available for young people in Cardiff from our organisation directory.

What is ‘theSproutdirect’?

theSproutdirect is the number one place to find services for young people in Cardiff. Developed and maintained by the Family Information Service

theSproutdirect gives all the information displayed by the organisations function on theSprout plus age ranges, language(s) the service is offered in, a location map, facilities, who can use the service and learning opportunities offered. It also allows you to search our directory by category, learning opportunity, organisation/service name and find your nearest youth club/centre, as well as having an A-Z listing of all organisations/services.

To view theSproutdirect visit www.thesproutdirect.co.uk or follow links from theSprout.

Who runs it?

ProMo-Cymru have been funded to deliver theSprout by the Family Information Service. All media content is overseen by the Editor who is employed by ProMo-Cymru. The organisation and information side of things is overseen by the Young People’s Information Officer for the CYPP.

Who designed it?

ProMo-Cymru work with clever dickies known as Burning Red, a creative design company based in Cardiff Bay: "Edgey, contemporary and passionate about our work, Burning Red is a creative hub of design specialists dedicated to bringing your brand to life. Our clients are diverse - corporate, public and private sector organisations, retailers and musicians to name a few - but they have one thing in common - the need for creative communication."

What does it want?

Feeding! Fuel theSprout with whatever you fancy sharing: news, reviews, creative writing, previews, features, or just let everyone know about your events or opinions. Use it to develop your journalistic skills. You have the ability to add videos from YouTube to news items, and can upload up to five images to accompany your story.

How can I see my writing on theSprout?

Just take two minutes to register and you can start to submit stuff. If you need help, email sam@thesprout.co.uk

What else can it do?

It allows you to customise your homepage background. Check out the different themes already submitted. If you're feeling creative, read our quick intro guide and submit your own.

The ‘Organisations’ function, ‘theSproutdirect’ and the National ‘Info’ function are all there to help you make the right choices.

So, in a nutshell:

What is theSprout?

  1. An interactive website and quarterly magazine offering information, news and advice to all young people aged 11 to 25 in Cardiff
  2. It allows young people and organisations that work with them to upload articles, events, pictures, videos and background themes. An Editorial Group of young people lead the development of the site
  3. Integrated with CLIC, the National Information And Advice Service in Wales

What's great about theSprout and CLIC?

  1. Content is created by you and the organisations that support your activities
  2. Allows you to say what you want and promotes your exchange of views
  3. Creates, develops and shares information locally and nationally
  4. Sharing multimedia showcases your creative ideas and skills
  5. Promotes participation and inclusion through youth-led editorial groups
  6. Works closely with youth information networks across Wales to share resources
  7. A platform for you and organisations to publicise your progress and achievements
  8. Highlight good ideas and practices for everyone to learn from
  9. You can find out about projects, and how to get involved from all across Wales
  10. TheSprout FAQs - your first call for all Sprout-related questions.

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