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How to get involved with theSprout

Anyone with an idea, opinion, experience, article or photograph that they would like to share with other young people can contribute to theSprout. All you need to do is register and follow the simple instructions on how to submit your own content. Being a registered member also allows you to comment on other articles.

Part of the theSprout project is to have a Sprout Editorial Group of interested young people who can steer the website and content. This group meets on a regular basis in person and online to discuss the running of the websites and act as reporters, gaining skills and experience along the way.

However if writing is not really your cup of tea but you still want to have your say or be associated with theSprout, you can:

  • Leave us your comments on the relevant pages
  • Add us on one of our social networking profiles
  • Create your own social networking profile. If you have a project or would like to start up a group or profile for your local area, organisation or editorial group you can find tips and important points on our online safety pages.

theSprout Editorial Group

If you feel you can contribute and would like to get involved and join the group, please contact the Editor, Arielle Tye, by phone on 07989 743 987 or by email arielle@thesprout.co.uk

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