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Frenquently Asked Questions


I've forgotten my password. Help!

If you have forgotten your password, click 'log-in' at the top of the page and you will be taken to the log-in area. Here you will be able to retrieve your password.

What will you do with my data?

theSprout will never pass your details on to any third party, or contact you without your permission. Your information is kept safe as privacy is important to us.

What will I receive if I sign up to your mailing list?

From time to time theSprout may contact you with news and updates on the project. We also do regular mail outs from your local area. You can unsubscribe from these at any time, either from within theSprout or by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

Why are you asking all these questions?

We are keen to learn more about you, the users of theSprout to make sure that theSprout is as good as you want it to be and that we make changes to suit your needs. We also need the information to check how many young people are using theSprout and for these reasons we may occasionally ask you to complete a quick survey to gather your feedback and opinions. Don't worry, we will never share your details, and there could be the chance to win cool prizes!

I live in one county, but would like to receive information about others.

We understand that you may be interested in news and updates from other counties. If you would like to be kept updated about what's going on in another area, simply log into "My theSprout" and you can manage your preferences. You can also log into other local information sites using the same username and password.

Submitting News

Can I submit content to TheSprout in Welsh?

Yes. The site is bilingual. The moderation process may take slightly longer as we will need to organise a translator.

Can I use any photos or videos in my news item?

The use of copyright protected content on the theSprout or regional sites is strictly forbidden. If you are unsure about a particular image or video, please don't hesitate to contact your local editor or the theSprout web team who can advise you. Photos or videos should only be published if they have a) been created by you, b) you have been granted permission by the author to use it for this purpose, or c) the photo or video is released under a creative commons license or is royalty free. Consider adding a photo credit (the name of the person who took it) and link to any photo you use which is not yours.

I have a strong opinion about something, can I share it on TheSprout?

Of course. theSprout is your platform to share and discuss whatever matters to you. We welcome all opinions and points of view, but we do ask you to voice them in a way that is considerate to other users of the site. This is especially relevant when discussing issues that people are very passionate about. An editor may advise you to re-word some of your story, if it could be considered to be offensive to others.

The Moderation Process

I've submitted a news item. Now what?

Once your story has been submitted it joins a queue for moderation. This is the process in which a local editor or member of the Editorial Group reads through your story and checks any accompanying links, photos and videos to ensure it is suitable for publishing. They may also check for any grammatical and spelling errors. Once they are happy that your story meets the requirements it will join the queue to be set live (the process of allowing it to be visible on the website).

The item will appear on the regional website you submitted it to. However during the moderation process, the Editor or a member of the editorial team may flag your item up to be posted nationally. In other words, if your item concerns another area of Wales it may also be chosen to appear on their site. During this process your story will also be categorised into one or several of the information headings - e.g. health, education - which means it may appear as a 'related news item' when people are browsing information pages in that topic.

What kind of item would be chosen for the national site?

The National Editor will feature relevant stories on Clic (the national site) from theSprout. A story may be chosen for the national site if the editor feels it is particularly good. This could be based on the subject or the content. You cannot put your own work forward to appear on Clic, it has to be selected by an editor.

My news item was rejected. Why is this?

There are several reasons why a news item could fail the moderation process, such as if your item contained any swear words or offensive content, had any copyrighted images or video, or if the content is deemed unsuitable for theSprout. If the issue is concerning a copyrighted image or video, the editor may simply choose to set your story live without that particular image/video. The editor will also make slight amendments to any language that is unsuitable. If your posted item is considered to be offensive, further action may be taken, which may lead to your account being suspended. The editor may choose to contact you and advise you of any changes that should be made in order to rectify the problem.

I've found something that offends me, what do I do?

On all pages of theSprout, look for the little 'report this' button. Clicking on this button will flag up the story to be reviewed by the editor. It does not immediately hide the story, but we will respond to any notifications within 24 hours. In the event of it being a weekend, or if you feel the content is in urgent need of attention, please contact the theSprout team on info@theSprout.co.uk

My Event has been rejected. Why is this?

Events are moderated in the same way as news items when submitted to theSprout or the regional sites. The moderator or local editor will also check to see that your event is suitable to be promoted on theSprout. This process will include checking to see the venue is genuine and the type of event will be suitable for the ages it's specified. For example, if you submitted your birthday party as an event to theSprout it would be rejected. Similarly any events not hosted in a public space, e.g. Paul's house party, or somewhere known/suspected to be unsafe will be rejected. Our local editors may contact you via email if they want to ask more questions in relation to your event.

User Profile

What information can I add into my profile?

You can add a user picture, a brief biography about yourself and some links to social networking profiles. You are not obligated to fill in any of this information; you can put as much or as little as you like. Please read our information about online safety before completing your profile.

I don't want people to know who I am.

Your profile can be disabled from within 'My theSprout'. Although your username will appear by the items you have submitted, when somebody clicks on it, it will just display a page stating your profile is private. theSprout is a platform for you to learn, express yourself and share your experiences in a safe environment. In some situations you may feel more comfortable keeping your identity private and we respect this. We will never identify you if you choose to protect your identity. Please view our online safety pages for more advice on staying safe online and for tips for using theSprout profiles.

Youth Editorial Groups

I notice some users have a megaphone by their name, what is it? And how do I get one?

That icon represents that the user is a member of theSprout's Editorial Group for their local site or the national. See FAQ - What does the Editorial Group do? & FAQ - How do I join?

What does the Editorial Group do?

Part of the theSprout project is to help develop editorial groups of interested young people in Cardiff who can steer the website and its content. These groups meet on a regular basis in person and online to discuss the running of the website and act as reporters in their area, gaining skills and experience along the way.

If you feel you could contribute and would like to get involved and join the group, please contact the theSprout Editor, Arielle Tye, by email: arielle@thesprout.co.uk


What is the ?Organisations? function?

The organisations function, ?Organisations?, tells you the name, address, telephone number, web address, email and description of services available for young people in Cardiff from our organisation directory.

What is ?theSproutdirect??

theSproutdirect is the number one place to find services for young people in Cardiff. Developed and maintained by the Cardiff Children and Young People?s Partnership.

theSproutdirect gives all the information displayed by the organisations function on theSprout plus age ranges, language(s) the service is offered in, a location map, facilities, who can use the service and learning opportunities offered. It also allows you to search our directory by category, learning opportunity, organisation/service name and find your nearest youth club/centre, as well as having an A-Z listing of all organisations/services.

To view theSproutdirect visit www.thesproutdirect.co.uk or follow links from theSprout.

How do I submit my organisation?

Please visit Organisations for full contact details or email thesproutdirect@cardiff.gov.uk and request a registration form.

How are organisations moderated?

The moderation process for organisations is slightly different. Information on theSprout ?Organisations? function and ?theSproutdirect? comes from a directory maintained and moderated by the Young Peoples Information Officer working for the Cardiff Children and Young People?s Partnership. Once you have completed and submitted the registration forms, they will be moderated against set criteria for quality assurance before being displayed in ?Organisations? and ?thesproutdirect?. If there are any queries regarding the service / organisations provision or it is deemed not appropriate for the site you will be contacted.

My details have changed, how do I update my information on theSprout?

If you need to inform us of a change of contact details or for any other query regarding your organisation's listing, please contact the Young People?s Information Officer at thesproutdirect@cardiff.gov.uk

Other Media

What can I submit to accompany my story?

You can submit up to five images, (.jpg, .gif, .png are supported file types) and one video which has to be uploaded to a video hosting website that generates a URL for you. The most commonly used video hosting websites are YouTube and Vimeo. Insert the URL of your chosen video when you are submitting your article and it will appear next to your story. We do not currently have the facility for you to upload your own MP3s, but if you would like to add one, a member of the theSprout web team can do that for you. Simply email us at webteam@thesprout.co.uk. Alternatively, why not create a video with your MP3 and submit it that way?

I have a video I think you should add to the theSprout media player.

If you video falls into one of the 10 main information headings then it could be featured in the theSprout media player, or on one of the information pages. You can choose to either email it to us at video@thesprout.co.uk or post a DVD to theSprout, c/o ProMo Cymru, Unit 13, Royal Stuart Workshops, Adelaide Place, Cardiff CF10 5BR.

What formats do you require it in?

Ideally we would like the video in quicktime movie (.mov) .avi or mp4. Don't panic, if your video is not in one of these formats and you can't convert it. We are here to help.


What is an RSS feed?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and in a nutshell is a feed of dynamic content from a website. This feed contains text images and links and is updated automatically. You can subscribe to these feeds, meaning they inform you when something is added to the site. So, if you subscribe to the news RSS feed on theSprout, you will be updated every so often with the latest news that's been added. You can check these RSS feeds from your browser, an RSS reader or most mobile phones. The benefit of using an RSS feed is that you can view content from all your favourite websites in one place, or on the go. theSprout offers several RSS feeds to choose from and the option of creating your own. So for example you could choose an RSS feed of any news tagged with 'music'. If you're using a modern web browser (Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer 7 and above) you will be able to subscribe to a feed from within your browser. Just click the link to the RSS feed and click 'subscribe now'. A more comprehensive explanation of RSS can be found at Wikipedia.

The YouTube video I submitted with my news item has been removed, why is this?

From time to time, YouTube will remove videos. This could be for many reasons and is unfortunately out of our control. Although you can't edit your story once it has been submitted, you can contact a member of staff who could either remove or replace it.

I have a problem viewing or accessing features on the TheSprout site.

Wherever possible, we have tried to provide alternative formats for media that we know can be blocked by some computers. However If you have any problems viewing or accessing parts of the theSprout site, contact the theSprout web team at webteam@thesprout.co.uk or submit a support ticket here and we will endeavour to resolve it as soon as possible.

I have a suggestion for TheSprout.

We love your feedback and especially your ideas, so email the theSprout web team via webteam@thesprout.co.uk with your suggestions. Remember, theSprout is a constantly evolving site that needs your input to make it even better!

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. It will help us find out how you use the website so we can keep improving it for you. Everyone who completes the survey will get the chance to win £50.