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#YourShout: Who On Earth Are Natural Resources Wales & What Have They Got To Do With Me?

Postiwyd gan Tom (Sub-Editor) o Caerdydd - Cyhoeddwyd ar 01/10/2015 am 13:57
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  • Gareth O'Shea

Sub-Editor's note: As part of our What Matters interview series with Cardiff's leaders, we took your questions to the Executive Director for South Wales for Natural Resources Wales, a lovely gentleman called Gareth O'Shea. Here's the first article in our series of answer-articles, packed full of info and quotes. #YourShout

“We are all dependent on natural resources for all our futures.”

We all need clean air, water, a roof over our heads and food. These are all taken for granted but, in reality, they are dependent on our natural resources continuing to be in good shape.

That’s why Natural Resources Wales (NRW) exists - it makes sure our natural resources and environment in Wales are sustainably maintained, enhanced and used, now and in the future. It’s quite a “do what it says on the tin” type of organisation.

“NRW is committed to working with Cardiff and for Cardiff; what matters to you, matters to us! We have a strong track record of joint working in our capital city.”

NRW has many responsibilities, including protecting people from flooding, making sure there’s enough water in the environment, making sure the quality of that water supports biodiverse species, managing forests (which are great places for walks, bike rides, etc), responding to environmental incidents 24/7, advising the City Council on future development plans, and more!

Another thing NRW does is set aside protected sites for their special qualities. For example, we've set aside a special area for Cardiff Beechwoods near Castell Coch – where wildlife can flourish and which local people can enjoy.

“The city’s green infrastructure is as important to the city as its ‘grey’ infrastructure (roads, buildings and power lines).”

Did you know? Cardiff has a plan that guarantees there are connected green spaces within the city.

Why? Green space is key for a wide range of economic, health and community benefits. The plan also builds on Cardiff’s reputation as a vibrant, green and attractive city to live in.

It is called the Green Infrastructure Plan (GIP) for Cardiff (DRAFT).

Look out soon for more articles from this interview, where we'll have answers to your key questions on issues like flooding, population growth, recycling and air quality!

If you'd like to have your say about NRW or the environment in Cardiff, feel free to leave a comment below and we'll pass them straight onto NRW, or write us an article for publication.

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