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Your World: How's Our Info?

Postiwyd gan CLIConline o Ynys Môn - Cyhoeddwyd ar 20/11/2014 am 11:15
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Yn Gymraeg // Welsh Version

Hi everyone, our great big CLIC info section review continues with a look at our pages called Your World.

The info section review is looking at whether our information and advice is accurate, up-to-date and relevant to you, the readers and users of CLIConline and the CLIC Collective.

Rather than just us doing it we’re getting in some professionals who are specialists in each section but we’re also after feedback from you. See anything wrong in there? Let us know. Any gaps in the section that need to be filled? Let us know. Got any recommendations for organisations or services that we should be linking with? Let us know. Think some of it is great and the best thing you've never read? Let us know.

There’s three ways that you can feedback on whether our Your World section is any good or if you have any organisations to recommend:

Your World

Your World is one of the stranger sections in our information section; it starts off with info and advice about travelling from vehicles to visas, then moves on to things like emigration before taking a sharp turn into the big hitters of culture, religion and politics and finishing with stuff on asylum. So it's a section that includes information and advice on trains, Scientology, gap years and anarchy. We told you it was a bit of a strange one.

The whole section can be seen here - - and is broken down into these sub-sections:

So... how's our info on the political spectrum? Can communism be summed up in three sentences? Do we need a section on royal families? Is our info on Christianity correct? Should info on Rastafari and Zoroastrians share a page with spiritualism and Scientology? Do you want info on seasonal working? What's missing?

We would really like your feedback, either posted on the relevant section, on the Facebook group or if you would prefer to do it privately then you can email

All we’re asking is if you could spare a few minutes every once in a while to look at a couple of sections and let us know if the info is OK, if you have any changes to the text or if you know any relevant links or videos. This would be a massive help to us and to the young people of Wales.

Any and all feedback is most welcome.

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i like the pick.

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