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Young Carers Awareness Day 2016

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Young Carers Awareness Day is on Thursday 28th January 2016

Young Carers Awareness Day is a national recognition day, which helps us to recognise and hear the voices of young carers in the UK.

A young carer is someone who is under the age of 25 and looks after a family member with mental or physical illnesses. It is important to have Young Carers Day in order shine a light on those who are affected and need help and advice.

Rachel is just 17 and is one of the many young carers living in Wales. She lives with her mum who she has solely looked after for the last four years. She says, "I look after my mum. Physically she suffers with chronic sciatica, a crumbling spine, and constant joint pains. I can see, just as others can, that she is slowly getting worse and it does break my heart to see her that way. Mentally, she is diagnosed with being bipolar, although things are not as bad as others might believe."

Young Carers Awareness Day aims to help identify young carers that go unnoticed and are not made aware of the help and support that is available to them and their families.

Are you a young carer looking for support?

A project called Gofal I Chi (Young Carers) aims to reach out to young carers in individual and group support to enable them to better understand and manage their caring role both in practical and emotional terms. Carers Trust has Babble, an online community for young carers under 18 and Matter for young adults aged 16-25. Finally Cardiff YMCA also run the Time 4 Me young carers project.

Spread the news that Young Carers Awareness Day is taking place on Thursday 28th January 2016 by signing up to the Thunderclap.

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