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What Is Pottermore?

Postiwyd gan MarshMallo o Caerdydd - Cyhoeddwyd ar 14/07/2012 am 11:33
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Pottermore is “a unique online experience”, says J.K. Rowling. It is a website that follows the Harry Potter stories. It’s a little more than confusing. The video provided by J.K Rowling is very vague and quite misleading, but I still really like Pottermore and what it offers. That could mean anything, but I’d like to offer more of an explanation here. Signing up is confusing for a start, but if you use your own e-mail and check often, you should be in soon.

Once you’ve signed up, you go straight to your ‘Gateway', which is like your homepage. All books have icons, and a little line swirls round the Gate, and the dots on the line are the chapters in the books. First you have to click on Philosopher’s Stone, Chapter 1. It leads you straight to a picture. It’s a freeze-frame of the cupboard under the stairs. There are several moments within chapters, and each moment is a picture. Depending on the moment, you will have icons on the left. These are characters, objects and more. Clicking on them will take you to where you can read more information on subjects within the moment. If you don’t like reading on a computer, Pottermore is not for you.

You have to learn to navigate through Pottermore yourself, and it’s easy once you know what you’re doing. It’s basically a find-it game, where you look for things to click on. Double clicking makes you zoom in and out of the still picture. Some things you find are potion ingredients, books or gifts you can send to friends. The best things to find though, are the “exclusive content” objects. Depending on the object you click on you can learn a lot of things like the Malfoys’ back-story, the fuss that occurred when it was revealed that wizards only use the imperial system, and who the original forty Hogwarts students were.

Once you’ve decided you’ve found everything, you can press the right arrow below to go to the next moment. This means that if you don’t put effort into Pottermore, you won’t get anything out of it. You go right through the story until you find a lock key on the right arrow symbol. This means a task must be completed before you can go forward. Examples of this are when you go to Diagon Alley, when you take Floo powder and when you must de-gnome the garden. In Diagon Alley you must go to the shops and buy the books with galleons from your Gringotts account. You buy an owl, cat or a toad as your profile icon. The website includes Galleons as currency, but not Sickles or Knuts, to keep it simple.

The best parts of Pottermore are the wand selection and the Sorting. The wand selection is great, because the combinations are chosen by a personality quiz, so wands are almost unique. They represent your personality, and more information is offered in Ollivander’s. The longer your wand, the bigger your personality, and there are three cores and loads of wood types, so your wand is like your personal representation. The Sorting, on the other hand, is what makes you feel like you’re entering a community, even though there isn’t a messaging system or anything to contact your friends, it just feels nice to belong to a house. Another quiz is given, but this one is more personal and the questions change depending on your answer to the previous question.

After the Sorting, you can go on to the ‘Potions Master’ chapter where you learn how to brew a potion. This procedure goes as expected, and you can buy ingredients by going back to Diagon Alley and selecting them. Your cauldron type (pewter, brass or gold) affects the speed of the brewing. You follow steps, you must wait at least 45 minutes, follow more steps and you have a potion plus house points. Later, you also learn how to cast spells and you can enter wizard’s duel by clicking the ‘Spells’ icon.

Not all of the chapters are up yet (only Philosopher’s Stone and the start of Chamber Of Secrets), so after you’ve gone through the story, you can go back and brew potions and enter Wizard’s duel to earn house points. At the end of the summer term, an Inaugural House Cup is awarded to the House with the most points.

I am a Ravenclaw. My username is LumosBlade30598, so search my name after clicking the ‘Friends’ Icon and duel me! The 2012 House Cup was recently awarded to Slytherin, with Gryffindor second, with Ravenclaw third and Hufflepuff last. I really like Pottermore, because it’s really enjoyable and the Harry Potter books are my favourite books.

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Rhoddwyd sylw 46 mis yn ôl - 14th July 2012 - 18:56pm

i loved it then i finished the first book and there is nothing else to do x


Rhoddwyd sylw 46 mis yn ôl - 1st August 2012 - 21:41pm

This is really helpful to me, because i find Pottermore REALLY confusing!

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