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What A Fool Believes

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Fast Show star, Simon Day is hitting the stage this autumn with his first ever solo stand-up tour, What A Fool Believes.

Best known for his hilarious characters in the hit BBC series, Day will now entertain audiences across the UK by exploring many unanswered questions and not least what it is like to be a clown, hero, genius and loser all in one show.

Having been a part of the Fast Show phenomenon and playing the likes of Tommy Cockles and Dave Angel: Eco Warrior, Day will now be discussing subjects as far apart as fireworks and middle-class dinner parties. He will try to make sense of the many mysteries of life, asking questions such as, "Why does The Sunday Times weigh more that a six-year-old?", "How does Richard Hammond become a national hero by crashing a car?"  and "Why the hell do we go to Ibiza twice?"

Having grown and toured extensively with the Fast Show , Day’s first solo tour is promising to showcase all the best bits from this well-oiled comedian. There will also be a question and answer session, so come prepared if you fancy some audience interaction! 

The tour will visit 36 venues around the country and arrives at the Wales Millennium Centre on Tuesday 9 December. Tickets are on sale now.

'Character comedy of the highest order' Sunday Times

'Original and hilarious comic characters' The Observer

'Inspired comedy creations' The Guardian

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