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Training For Youth Leaders

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Training for Youth Leaderson Managing Youth Organisations and Networking as a Tool for the Creation of Equal and New Opportunities for Young People

Summary: The training course will be aimed at improving the skills and knowledge in leadership, organisational management and communication for the leaders of youth NGO's emphasising the inclusive and non-discriminatory approach to all young people.

Activity date: 2008-02-16 - 2008-02-23

Activity type: Training course

Target group: Project managers, Youth leaders, Youth workers

For participants from: Cyprus, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom, Turkey

Group size: 25

Venue place, venue country: Mollina, Spain

Details. The overall aim of the training course is:? To train and empower the trainees to develop their attitudes, skills, and knowledge to manage youth organisations (and/or their units, bodies, boards) and improve their communication for the better organisation of youth activities, to act as multipliers and thus to contribute to sustainable and developed participation of young people within YEU and other youth structures, thus being active in shaping the society, challenging the old and established norms while promoting the equal participation of young people despite their gender.

- At international level, the main aim of this course is to increase the co-operation of organisations as well as to strengthen and to enlarge the YEU network.

Costs: 30% of travel costs+ participation fee depending on the category of the country

Working language: English

Organizer: Youth for Exchange and Understanding

Deadline: 2007-12-20


Application to

Youth for Exchange and Understanding

Marta Cubajevaite

Jardim da Alameda, POB 953, Faro 8001, Portugal

Phone: +351 289813061

Fax: +351 289813074




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