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They Always Have An Eye On You

Postiwyd gan sean123 o Caerdydd - Cyhoeddwyd ar 09/07/2015 am 15:23
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Two words: Security Guards. 

Yes that's right, I decided to write an article on security guards because, whenever I go into a shop, I always feel like I am being watched constantly.

Teenagers love going into town shopping. I am a teenager, I do it myself.

But whenever I go into a shop, I can just see out of the corner of my eye, a burly security guard eyeing myself and my friends down. In a way, it's quite rude, and it's very off putting. I mean, I don't look like I would steal something. It always seems to be the teenagers who are suspected. The OAPs don't get stared at from the time they walk into the shop until the time they walk out do they? 

Now, I don't want people commenting, telling me that it's their job and blah blah this and blah blah that. I am not dumb. Of course it's their job. But why can't they have a room in the back of the shop where they can just look at the CCTV footage instead of putting people off buying stuff. It would benefit the shops extremely well. 

Whenever you make eye contact with a security guard, the chances are that they are going to think you are up to no good. It is quite disgraceful really. And when you are trying not to make eye contact with them or trying not to look at them, your brain cannot resist taking a peek to see if they are looking at you. Because after all, it's rude to stare isn't it? 

The security guard should not be constantly staring you down because first of all, it's downright rude, and second of all, "You shouldn't judge a book by its cover" should you? It always seems to be the teenagers. I don't know why a teenager would want to steal something when they have a whole life ahead of them. I am sure they wouldn't want a criminal record because then it would be hard to get a good job when they are older. A teenage shoplifter would have to be extremely dumb and uneducated to want to nick something from a shop, unless of course they have been brought up with their parents stealing and getting sent to jail. 

Anyway, overall, I just think that security should now be electronic, either with a person looking at the footage in the back of the store, or cameras which sense people stealing. Comment below with your opinion!

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