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There really are 'No Guarantee's' - Be warned get clued up!

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‘No Guarantee’s’

Imagine this, a group of young people are talking about what they are going to do when they leave home. How their lives are going to be so easy and exciting. They are going to get a flat or house, make their own rules and have their friends round and party as much as they like, because they will have no-one to answer too. They will be independent, a free agents. They start talking about how their parents don’t understand how could they? What would they know? Then it goes on further and they talk about how they are going to achieve their independence, they’ll get a job or go to the council and get a flat or house it will be easy. And if the job thing does not work they can get housing benefit, it will be easy, well they know so and so who did exactly the same thing stop!!!


Leaving home and living independently is one of the hardest things anybody can do and it can be made a little easier with support from family and friends. But there is an increasing number of young people, who for whatever reason are finding that independent living is not always something planned.
‘No Guarantee’s’ is a film made by young people who have gone through homelessness and come out the other side. They wanted to show how difficult it can be for young people especially those with little support. It’s not all doom and gloom as there are services that can help support a young person and help them find accommodation, support to fill in forms, etc but the support is limited, you have to do a lot of running around. This film shows it how it is and I would advice any young person to watch it.

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