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There is Nothing Wrong With Homosexuality!

Postiwyd gan sean123 o Caerdydd - Cyhoeddwyd ar 01/05/2015 am 11:40
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Homosexuality is when a gender is attracted to the same gender. People who choose this way of life are often referred to as "gay", but this is being heavily overused as a quite offensive term.

Across the country, in schools, so many people are using the word "gay" as an insult of some sort, when, in actual fact, it can really hurt someone's feelings. No one likes to be called "gay", because quite often they are not gay and, even if they are, there is nothing wrong with it. It is one's choice as to which way they want to live their life.

People think that a certain voice may be gay (often referred to as "camp"), or maybe the way someone dresses or walks. I, myself have been called gay many times (I am not gay) by disgustingly-mouthed people in my school who like to try and intimidate people, but, over time, I have just learnt to ignore it. The way people use this word is absolutely vile and totally inappropriate, because what is wrong with being gay?

Often gay people are quite friendly and nice, just like any other person, and, in some cases, they can actually be very nice and can live a happier life than heterosexual (people who are attracted to the opposite sex) people.

In some parts of the world, in very controlling countries, being gay can cost you your life; often if you are found to be gay, you will be executed. In Russia, there are very few homosexual people, as it is considered disgusting to be one, but people should not be thinking like this because it is not their decision.

The other night, I watched a programme with Reggie Yates, which actually interviewed and documented what it is like right now for people in Russia. It is available to see on BBC iPlayer here.

There is nothing wrong in choosing this way of life and people who say it may often be covering up for being gay themselves, which there is no need to do because this is a free country and there is no problem in being gay here.

Homosexuality even has its own flag, which consists of the colours of the rainbow.

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Rhoddwyd sylw 12 mis yn ôl - 2nd May 2015 - 23:31pm

Nice article dude. It's great that more and more people are starting to realise that you don't have to belong to a minority in order to support that minority.

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