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The Word 'Racist' and How It's Being Overused

Postiwyd gan sean123 o Caerdydd - Cyhoeddwyd ar 15/05/2015 am 17:28
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The term 'racist' is used to describe the discrimination or offensive derogatory language used towards someone of a certain race, e.g. someone who is black. We all know what these words are and that they shouldn't be used but what is very annoying is when someone calls someone racist when they are not being racist. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, 'that is just silly and it doesn't happen', but believe me, it does! In my school, this word is being heavily overused and I hear it about five times a day. As we all know, in the olden times there was a lot of fuss over black people and their rights but now they are just part of our community, as the horrible people who discriminated against them have long gone. Now, if I was to put on an American accent, would that be racist? Because to say that, it would mean that a lot of actors are racist... But if I put on maybe an Indian accent, would that be racist? The thing here, is that because a lot of people from India have darker skin than people in the UK, people think that it is racist to put on an accent from there, but if someone put on an American accent or Australian accent, no one would even think of using the word 'racist'. Back to my main point, people are using this word way too much, full stop. I even heard recently that someone with a darker skin colour in my sister's class tried to get out of a detention by claiming that it was 'racist'; he even went to argue with the Head of Year about it! 

Another way that this word is being overused is when someone uses certain words to describe someone. Before I continue here, I just want to point out that none of the things I have explained in this article is racist. So, I said to someone the other day, 'He is black and he is wearing...' and it goes on, but then another person chipped in and said that it was racist, but I disagreed with them obviously because how else am I meant to describe how someone looks? If I was to call someone 'white', would that be racist? If someone was to describe you as having white skin, would you find that racist? Because I certainly would not. Calling someone racist is actually quite serious and can lead to the person getting punished or arrested, but this shouldn't be happening anyway as this word should only be used to describe people who use offensive language towards the victim and who actually intend on being rude to them. I hope that everyone has seen my point and if you want to, comment with your opinion.

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