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The Word "Chav"

Postiwyd gan sean123 o Caerdydd - Cyhoeddwyd ar 29/04/2015 am 11:45
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By you.

"Chav" has become a hugely-used word in the last year, so I investigated it to find out about its actual definition and how it is being used.

The word "chav" is not in the dictionary, but it does seem to have a whole page to itself on Wikipedia.

According to this source, "chav" is a stereotype and it is believed that it originates from the Romani word "chavi", which means "child". This word is being heavily used in young people, for example, in schools and colleges.

Some people have actually made it stand for "Council-Homed And Violent", which is not actually the case because a chav could be someone who just wears their trousers down so that you can see their underwear (this mostly occurs in men).

Also, a chav could be someone who wears lots of "bling" (slang for jewellery) and who maybe wears a cap.

In my opinion, people are over-using this so much that it is actually becoming a sort of race, which isn't good to be honest because then there will be a whole debate on whether referring to someone as a "chav" would be racist or offensive.

This word does need to be used in the correct context because people are getting called this even when they are not.

P.S. the guy in the video is not me.


Image Credit: Wikipedia

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Rhoddwyd sylw 12 mis yn ôl - 30th April 2015 - 07:26am

Great words their Sean



Rhoddwyd sylw 12 mis yn ôl - 2nd May 2015 - 23:33pm

Huh; did not know that about the word. I fell for the belief that it was an acronym. I like learning new things. Thanks!

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