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The Sight 2020 Charity

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Sight 2020 is a charity that helps young children who are underprivileged with their sight. Their aim is to "fight and treat the preventable causes of blindness in the developing world". In my school, recently, the founder of this wonderful charity and his wife came to visit in assembly to thank my entire year group for the fantastic fundraising we did a couple of months back (we raised around £1200). 

This July, Sight 2020 will be going over to Malawi, South Africa to improve the standards that blind people have to put up with. They explained to us that they are going to introduce the game of Blind Football to people who are Registered Blind. Registered Blind can mean that the person in question isn't completely blind, they may be partially-sighted. However, in this game, everyone has to wear a blindfold anyway to make it fair. They use a special football for this game. It is much heavier than a normal one so that blind people can find it and it contains something that makes a rattling sound, as many blind people have better hearing than anyone who is completely sighted.

In Malawi, the charity (registered: 1089749) operates under the name Onani Eye Foundation. While they are over in Malawi, they can operate on and try to prevent serious eye diseases that could potentially make a child blind. Also, they do checks on children's eyes and if necessary, they will give them glasses so that they can see well. This charity is fairly small but with your help, we can make this a big thing, because your eyes are one of the most important organs in your body. 

Think of the thing you most love to do, for example, playing on the Xbox or computer, or playing football. Close your eyes and imagine trying to do your favourite hobby with your eyes shut. Hard, isn't it?!

Please try to raise awareness about this amazing charity and the work they do, as everyone needs their eyes. Maybe you could do some fundraising or sponsored events. 

For more information, please see their website here.


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Cardiff Institute for the Blind

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