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The Pain Of A Lost Child: Chapter Four

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The Pain Of A Lost Child: Chapter Three

Three days later Annie had bought her mother’s house as she had moved away. Her sister Louisa had moved in with her boyfriend and so Annie was all alone. She was sitting in her old bedroom on her bed reflecting on her present situation and thinking of all that had happened in the last few weeks, "God I wonder what would have happened to me if I hadn’t come here? And met Robbie? Well it sure as hell doesn’t matter." She lay back on her bed and swung her legs on to the mattress.

Suddenly she felt a sharp pain start to stab at her lower back and slowly work its way up. Then she felt heat flow up her throat and she had to dash into the bathroom where she retched over the sink but nothing came. She placed her hands over her stomach and rubbed it gently, “Baby, if you keep making mummy ill like this then mummy may say some words that your tiny ears should never have to hear” she said to her baby but it didn’t help as her baby was not listening because the pain started all over again and so she decided it was best to have a nap. "Robbie won’t be here for a while and I’m sure he won’t mind if I don’t see him today once he knows I’m not feeling up to it", and she slowly fell into a deep sleep.

Later that day Robbie went over to her house and saw the curtains where closed. He thought that strange as it was only two o'clock in the afternoon and still bright. He gently tapped on the door but no one answered so he knocked again.

Annie had been asleep for hours and slowly awoke to someone knocking on the front door it was only when she noticed the time that she quickly rushed to the door and opened it wide.

“Hey,” Rob said with a big smile “How you feeling cos you don’t look that good?”

“Oh thanks Rob and hi to you too, I’m actually not feeling too good today is that okay with you?” she said sarcastically.

“Soz I didn’t think but what’s up? Anything I could do?” he asked with the most dazzling smile.

“I doubt it Rob” she said and groaned as the pain stabbed her slightly.

“Oh OK well do you just want me to stay here with you?”

"Crap how am I going to explain that I’ve gotta leave for a little while to a place I can’t tell him about? For Pete’s sake I’ve must go to the Charmed triplets soon or my powers could kill me!" she thought. “Jesus Christ on a flaming crutch!”

“What? What’d you say Annie?”

"Holly crap did I say that out loud or can he read my mind? What if he can read my mind, ohhhhhh at least he knows I love him” she thought.

“Um sorry just uh thinking out loud.”

“Oh OK well do you wanna come to the shop for a bit or is our baby causing trouble for you this morning?”

“Baby causing trouble? Oh no, no I’m fine really I just haven’t slept much and I’ve umm actually gotta go... away for a while.”

“Huh you’ve gotta go? Where? When? More to the point for how long? Why? Can I come? You know to look after you cos I mean you are carrying my kid remember!”

"Oh no, I knew this would happen why couldn’t I have just been friendly to him not fallen in love and pregnant!" she thought to herself. “Well that’s the problem see, I can’t exactly tell you where I'm going or why but what I can tell you is that I’ve gotta go tonight and I should only be gone for a few days, if that’s any help?”

"She’s going to leave me? Why? What did I do wrong? Hang on she said it wasn't to do with me but then she didn't say it was either?" Robbie thought to himself. 

“OK well can you at least leave me your mobile number so I can ring ya and check up on you?”

“Oh yeah sure here it is, oh and I will be fine don’t worry I’m coming back! I’m not gonna leave you and never come back, I mean come on you are the baby's father and I would never stop you from being there right from its first breath, you know that don’t you?” she said scribbling down her mobile number.

“Of course I do I just got a bit worried you know?”

“OK well I’ll be heading off round six OK? so if ya wanna see me off ya can ok?” with that she pressed a soft kiss to his cheek and went back to her room.

It was six o’clock and so Rob walked over to where Annie was just plonking her bags into her car. He silently walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her and placed his hands on her stomach.

The Pain Of A Lost Child: Chapter Five

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