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The Legend Of Beddlee

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Many years ago, in the vast mountains of Caerphilly, the young queen - Adina Caerphilly, reigned.

She was a kind and generous girl, who, at age eight, had rebuilt the town's church and pulled people from the slums.

Her mother had died when Adina was just six, and her father was killed by Beddlee - a dragon, famous throughout Wales for his countless victims and kills.

Since that fateful day, Adina had craved revenge...

One day, Adina heard news that Beddlee's herd of dragons were heading straight for Caerphilly. Immediately, she ordered the townsfolk to stand guard on the tops of the surrounding mountains as she prepared for war.

Adina soon decided that she would need someone to trust and take with her. She thought of Lorian; a strong fourteen-year-old, now two years her senior, of whom she was good friends with. She sent a man to fetch him from the town's bakery where he worked, and soon, he was suited up by her side.

As Adina approached the top of Caerphilly Mountain, she caught a whiff of a foul smell - dragons. As the stench filled her nostrils, she knew she was ready to fight. All those years of desperately missing her father were about to unleash the battle of her life.

She leapt up, with Lorian in tow, a captured sight of a disgusting, disfigured, death-defying beast. His dirty blue scales shimmered as he sharply turned to stare at Adina.


"I've been looking forward to this battle, Adina." His icy tone cut all other sound into icy pieces of silence, leaving terror in its wake.

"You look just like your father," he spat, "You even have that same element of blind bravery. You don't know what you're up against, young one."

Adina narrowed her eyes in anguish. Her body language told Beddlee he had scratched her weaknesses already. He believed he could smell victory. But, just as Beddlee was to continue nursing his over-sized ego, Lorian said quietly, "We're not afraid of you."

This was clearly a mistake, as Beddlee smoothly moved forwards - an action so subtle it was terrifying. Lorian locked eyes with Beddlee in the seconds that seemed to last an eternity. 

Lorian, slowly and slyly, drew his sword from his belt. He made a stance - knees bent in a lunge, sword in front of his chest. He was ready.

Beddlee suddenly sprang forward. Lorian lashed out, waving his sword wildly about. Beddlee swung his long, muscly tail at Lorian, and knocked him aside.

Adina sprinted forward with Beddlee roaring before her. Adina's sword sliced his flesh, creating a deep gash in his flanks. Beddlee crashed to the ground, moaning and crying out. Adina stood in front of him, while his eyes were blazing, and told him, "Death comes on swift wings to those who are evil, Beddlee."

Adina raised her sword, and plunged it into the centre of the dragon's chest. She watched until his body was still and his eyes were dim.

Adina knew she had brought justice to the death of her father.

Adina ran to Lorian. He was lying in an awkward position. She knew he was dead, but was in denial. She fiercely searched for a pulse, but found nothing.

The next day dawned sunny and bright, and was a day of celebration. Beddlee could no longer terrorise her country. But then came Lorian's funeral. She styled a gold plaque, reading eight simple words: "Keep Your Friends Close, But Your Enemies Closer."

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